About Our Firm

Delivering HMC Approved Halal Meat at your doorstep.

Scanning for 100% halal meat can at present be an overwhelming errand in the UK. We our self have confronted this issue since moving in the UK almost 10 years prior. So we know the issue and needed to address it in an effective way. That was the brainchild behind building up Bring Me Meat.

Bring Me Meat is a centralized market marketplace , delivering HMC halal meat to cater your needs. 

BECAUSE REMEMBER! Anything that is not 100% Halal, is actually not Halal.


HMC Halal Certified


Hygienic and Healthy


Farm Fresh Meats


Easy to Cook

Our Mission

What is better than your food being delivered at your doorstep? We bring to you exceptionally tasty Halal meat just at your doorstep. Bring Me Meat runs efficiently with traditional British farming ways and provide our valued customers a wide range of meat.

Our Vision

Afraid of having meat because you're afraid if its not Halal? Well, not any more.... Bring me Meat aims to reach out to every person's need of having 100% Halal meat in the United Kingdom!

What we do

We value our customers and their needs as our own. We bring to you 100% HMC halal meat so that you and your lived ones can savour our products that our genuinely Halal.

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we are committed to total transparency about our products.